Jun 2, 2015

How To Invest In Real Estate Using A Self-Directed IRA

Here is one concept everyone learns quickly in retirement: taxes are high, money is short. For many thinking about retirement, they soon realize they’re going to need a bigger pool to swim in, i.e. more money, especially after the government takes its share of the 401k through taxes. Self-directed IRA’s are a blessing to individuals who want to take their retirement investing in their own hands. Investing in real estate with your IRA allows you to profit tax-free. With tax rates seemingly ever-increasing, and property values going up, now is a great time to invest in real estate with retirement funds. However, the risks involved & complexity of investing in real estate present a challenge for many individuals looking to get into the game. At Holdfolio, we have revolutionized the real estate investment process. Holdfolio provides an option for individuals to invest alongside real estate investment professionals, and Holdfolio has established a seamless process to complete these investments with your retirement money. Many of Holdfolio’s investors choose to work with The IRA Club to set up their self-directed IRA accounts. How to Invest Using a Self-Directed IRA Many people don’t even know Self-Directed IRA’s are an option for their IRA account. This option allows owners to choose their own investments for the plan. In order to open one, an individual must work with a custodian to hold the IRA assets. This company is in charge of the account and paperwork with the IRS. Once your self-directed IRA account is setup, which can be a simple process costing you less than $100, you can invest not only in bonds & financial products, but you can also invest in real-world items like property. The process is simple. It involves a roll-over from your established 401k or IRA company, to your new custodial account. Once the rollover has been completed you will then be able to purchase real estate. Strict rules must be followed and it is imperative to go along with them or be at risk for losing your IRA. Pro Tips on the Processes of Investing in Real Estate with a Self-Directed IRA Find an Eligible Property You Can NOT Invest In… Personal Residence Second Home Occasional Rental Buying a Property You Already Own  You CAN Invest In… Property You Newly Purchased Property Purchased Directly Through Your IRA Investing in Properties with Holdfolio Flipping Properties with an Annual Limit Traditional mortgages are not an option with IRA real estate investments. Therefore, if you don’t have enough money in your IRA to purchase an entire property outright, then the most viable option is to consider investing with a company like Holdfolio.  Holdfolio’s minimum investment creates an opportunity to invest in real estate with as little as $10,000. Please consult with professionals such as IRA Custodians, CPAs, or your financial planner. We can provide a list of some of the most popular Self-Directed IRA Custodians. A wealth of knowledge regarding self-directed IRA’s can be found on their websites. We encourage you to please contact us should you have any questions.

Apr 19, 2015

3 Tips You MUST Know To Run A Property Management Company

Managing property is not easy. It takes a lot of time, energy and know-how. At Holdfolio, it takes a whole team of staff who are certified real estate investment experts to keep our properties in line. Through this experience we’ve learned A LOT, and we wanted to share some advice with our readers. 3 Keys to Properly Running a Property Management Company 1. Have Concrete Systems in Place As humans with kind and open hearts, we want to give people the benefit of the doubt. This generosity often leads to disaster. Proper procedures for tenant and day-to-day operations must be in place. For example, finding qualified tenants for leasing is imperative to ensuring the safety of your property and return of your investment. 2. Communication Tenants, landowners, property managers and maintenance crews are all members of the same team. If an issue occurs, each party is involved in finding a remedy. For example, if property maintenance is needed the tenant, repairmen, vendors and landlord must all work together to address the issues. The more efficiently the problems can be communicated, the quicker the issues can be addressed. 3. Team Hire people who you know will be great employees due to their enthusiasm and problem solving capacity. These people will be the back bone of your property management company. Sometimes paying the little bit extra to get that person who you know will do a knock-out job is worth the investment. Need to Know More? Want to learn more about property management? Contact our staff at Holdfolio to learn more from expert real estate investors.

Apr 9, 2015

3 “Insider Tips” to Choosing the Best Rental Property

Finding the right property to invest in requires years of experience. It goes beyond just the location of the property, and it takes a trained eye to seek out the best investments. If you are thinking about investing in a property, we want to offer some great tips on finding the best rental possible. Here are three characteristics we use at Holdfolio to determine if we want to invest in a rental property. 3 Things to Look for in a Rental Property and What to Avoid 1. A Substantial Amount of Cash Gain from Day One! Robert Kyosaki, a well-known American investor and entrepreneur, once said it is imperative to make money when you buy a property. This way from the start there is no need to play a game of catch-up. You can lose a lot of money if there is the need to invest in improvements immediately upon buying a property. What to Avoid: Properties that have a negative cash flow from the start when there is a mortgage involved. 2. In-Depth Look at Location Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever before to research every aspect of the location of your property. You can use websites like City Data or Zillow to do in-depth research on everything from the crime to the walkability of a neighborhood. What to Avoid: Even if you find a property that is in a good area, it is important to check out the schools. No one wants to bus their kids to a school with a bad reputation if they can avoid it. 3. Condition of the Property The structural soundness of the property is very important to check out. Take a look at the roof, foundation, walls, chimneys, etc. If you do not know what to look for during a home inspection, bring in a trusted inspector to check out the property with you. What to Avoid: Properties with long-term repairs that send your cash flow in the negative due to ongoing maintenance. Still Not Sure? Investing in a rental property is no easy task. Make sure not to settle on the first reasonable prospect, but the property that is right for you. With enough patience and know-how you’ll be seeing a ROI before you know it.

Mar 26, 2015

Holdfolio Versus REIT’s

When it comes time to invest your hard earned money, it can be difficult to decide where exactly you want that money to go. You might think back to the long journey it took you to acquire your funds, and even though we probably don’t need to remind you, it’s important that you know that it is important to explore all of your options to find an investment that matches your particular needs. Two great options for investors are REITs and Holdfolio. Both of these involve investing in real estate in two very different ways. REITs 101 A REIT, or Real Estate Investment Trusts, is a company that creates revenue via buying, leasing, renting and selling property. Those who invest in REIT’s basically acquire a passive form of income, because they are investing in the market. Pros • When you invest in an REIT it is highly liquid, meaning it is easy to buy or sell shares at any time. • There is no hassle. You are not a landlord, you are just a financial backer. Cons • Since this investment is so low risk, the returns are always very modest ranging from 2-4%. • There is no transparency! Most REITs are so large that it is unrealistic for an individual investor to understand exactly what is happening with their investment dollars. Holdfolio Pros • Since this type of investment is directly connected to a property, it does not fluctuate with the stock market. • You’re in the driver’s seat with Holdfolio. You get to select which portfolios of properties to invest in, so you can choose where your money goes • You will receive a stronger return of investment. With Holdfolio you can expect the yield to fall between 10-14% on average. Cons • Property investments are not as liquid, so it is not as easy to quickly sell your shares from Holdfolio. Your Money, Your Choice Make the best decision based on your financial needs when it comes to weighing Holdfolio and other options. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us at Holdfolio! About. Holdfolio.

Feb 18, 2015

Unlock the Door to Success with a Positive Attitude

  You must go after everything with enthusiasm. “The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.” ― Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich Once you figure out how important this desire and positive energy is the tricky part comes next. How exactly does one maintain this attitude? How to Maintain Positive Attitude 1)Use Books, Audio and Videos To Overload Your Brain With Positivity We live in the information age! Use every single resource available to flood your mind with positivity. Avoid anything negative. Some people even go so far as to avoid the news(which we highly recommend)! Allow yourself the privilege of drawing strict boundaries to what you are exposed to in the media. By filtering the information that you let into your head you can dramatically increase your ability to stay positive and focused on what truly matters. 2) Contribute in a Meaningful Way It is a lot easier to feel better about life when you do something to earn those emotions. When you contribute to the community and help others, it not only lifts up those around you, but it lifts your spirits up as well! This optimism you feel from your actions is something you can take with you every day. 3) Keep Positive Thoughts If you hear, see or feel a negative thought stop it in its tracks. Write it down then throw it out. Replace it with a more balanced and positive thought. Repeat. This is a new habit you must instill for success. When you think positive it will attract the best outcomes. 4) Be Grateful A big part of seeing the world in a more positive light is being able to appreciate all the wondrous advantages bestowed on us. Think about it, not even the most dominant rulers of empires forgotten had the technological advantages that we take for granted today. Gratitude makes all the difference in this world, and if you take the time to recognize what you have you will truly be in a better place.

Dec 21, 2014

4 Tips To Becoming Your Best Self

  When was the last time you sat down to concentrate on how to improve yourself? As you go about your life between work, kids, friends, hobbies, etc. there isn’t always time to ponder your actions, thoughts and purpose. The work place is one place where people may spend time setting goals, yet many people have trouble advancing forward due to the limited nature of this approach. We go along with this thought from Jim Rohn: “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” In order to improve in one area of life, you can make it a lot easier by striving in all aspects of life. Establishing any pattern, positive or negative, requires repetition and consistency. If you are disorganized at home, it is hard to turn on the hard working nature of your personality at work. Here are some habits to establish in order to help you succeed in all aspects of life: 1. Set Goals Setting goals is not something you should do every five years. It is a habit you should establish regularly. Some people even set daily goals every morning to help them get the most out of their day. Create a schedule to set goals in your life. With these goals you can push towards something better more regularly. 2. Know Your Strengths All of us are put on this Earth with our own individual strengths and weaknesses. However, there is beauty to be found within this mixture and learning to harness the positive attributes will help you progress in ways that you never before imagined. Familiarize yourself with your strengths and see the goodness that you offer, while recognizing your areas of needed improvement! You may be surprised by the power you hold within. 3. Choose a Great Support System The people in your circle of influence impact your behavior. You have the choice to either hang out with people who lift you up or drag you down. It doesn’t matter whether you are at a professional networking event or hanging out with your friends on a Friday night. By having the right peer group, you will be able to find fulfillment and this will make all the difference. 4. Never Stop Improving Yourself There is no end game to improvement. Keep learning every single day! Do things like listen to audiobooks and attend seminars to keep you sharp. If you spend just 20 minutes a day on these type of activities, you’d spend a little over 120 hours a year towards improving yourself!

Nov 4, 2014

7 Real Estate Rules to Invest By

1. Set Clear End Goals When you strike a deal, you should know where you are going with this investment. Know if you are going to sell or rent. Also know any upgrades you plan on doing and how much those will probably cost and plan what your sell price or monthly rent will need to be to make it a worthwhile investment. 2. Be In It for the Long Haul Get rich schemes in real estate don’t exist. The thing is in order to build long-term wealth from real estate you need invest perhaps on a smaller scale with smaller payouts. This also reduces risks in case a real estate downturn deludes on your plans. 3. Emotions Cloud Judgement Business is business. Whether you are dealing with tenants, contractors or buyers, it is important to keep a level head. It is okay to get emotional occasionally just make sure you don’t let these emotions influence your actions. 4. Run the Numbers Investment is all about numbers. The math behind real estate is easy once you get used to it. Knowing the numbers behind your investment is yet another way to know the soundness of your investment. 5. Network Helping out other investors is a key to success. Ever heard the saying “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” This cycle of giving and receiving can pay off huge in real estate. 6. Have a Mentor Someone with experience in real estate to work with will be a huge asset to you as venture out into the world of real estate. This person already achieved the goals you want. Their guidance and support will help you achieve your real estate investment dreams. 7. Stay Positive Real estate offers a bit of a bumpy ride. Only the brave and persistent can achieve. Never allow a downturn turn into a spiral of doubt. Often it isn’t you, it is a set of uncontrollable factors. The only way to really lose in this game is to quit!