Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real Estate Investing For Everybody

Holdfolio’s online crowdfunding platform and small minimum investment amount has made real estate investing a real possibility for ordinary people.

By connecting you with multiple like-minded investors, together we can raise capital for lucrative multifamily properties and make the same high-returns as established real estate developers.

You Don’t Have To Go It Alone

For too long regular investors have not had access to real estate ventures because they don’t have the right connections or they couldn’t afford the astronomical figures being quoted by development companies to get involved.

Holdfolio is changing all of that by making real estate investing accessible to everyone. We believe that everybody should have access to the same opportunities and be able to grow their wealth at the same pace as experienced investors.

Join 4,061 Other Holdfolio Members and Start Investing from as little as $20,000

Holdfolio allows you to pick from a variety of high-quality and resilient assets, which you can invest in with just $20,000.

Sign up to our investor platform now to partner with other investors and start making institutional quality returns, regularly and completely passively.

Real Estate Crowdfunding with Holdfolio:

  • Connect with other investors and only deposit an amount you’re comfortable with

  • Diversify your portfolio by handpicking the holdings you want to invest in

  • Our online portal makes logging on and choosing your investment easy and simple

  • Each project to reach our platform has been vetted and approved by our team, and also not available anywhere else

What Our Investors Say

The investing process was simple and straightforward and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of personal contact and support with questions I received from the team.

Christina W

I have had major investments in place with Holdfolio for over 5 years. My investments have done very well, and the thoroughness of the operation is impressive.

David S

So far I have invested in two offerings and Holdfolio is delivering consistent returns in the 8% to 10% annual range. The customer support and responsiveness to my questions have been superb.

Jared T

More Reasons To Crowdfund Real Estate With Holdfolio?

  • We’ll Crowdfund With You

    To assure you that we’ve got your best interests at heart, we purchase a stake in every holding to reach our platform. This way we all share the success.

  • Multifamily properties offer low-risk and high-returns

    Holdfolio specializes in providing multifamily investing opportunities, as they’re known to be able to stand up to economic uncertainty while still providing healthy returns.

  • Extra Tax Benefits

    Many of Holdfolio’s real estate investments have large tax deductions which can result in an 80%+ tax shield.

  • Holdfolio’s average investor returns is 19.5%*

    That’s regular passive income which you can rely on, as we take care of each asset's day-to-day management and maintenance.

*The performance of our investments in the past does not guarantee that they will be successful in the future. More information about our track record is available to registered users.

Reduce Your Risk

With multifamily investing, you decrease your risk and increase your returns.

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