Real Estate Crowdfunding For Non-accredited Investors

Everyone Should Have Access To Highly Profitable Investments

For too long non-accredited investors have been locked out of investment opportunities that would grow their wealth. Holdfolio is putting an end to this by making real estate investing accessible to everyday people; so that they can make the same returns as pro investors.

Working with Holdfolio you can:

  • Starting investing with as little as $20,000

  • Access Holdfolio's investors portal to handpick the properties you want to invest in

  • Generate passive income way above the normal market rate

Stop Letting Your Savings Devalue

Interest rates are on the floor, this means that your savings are not growing in-line with the rate of inflation. And when the time comes for you to fall back on and enjoy that nestegg, you could come to find that it doesn’t have the same buying power that it did only a few years prior.

It’s time for you to:

  • Diversify for your income streams to grow your savings faster
  • Start managing your savings the same way accredited investors do
  • Make income passively and without stress

Grow Your Money The Same Way Accredited Investors Do

Holdfolio’s online crowdfunding platform has torn down the large barrier to entry non-accredited investors had when trying to grow their savings, allowing you to now make the money you deserve!

By investing in multifamily properties with other like minded investors you can:

  • Get a return on your investment way above anything it would make sat in the bank - Holdfolio’s average investor return is 19.5%

  • Finance property deals which were previously reserved for accredited investors only - now they’re available on Holdfolio’s online investor portal

  • Begin making smart investments without needing any prior knowledge or training - something not possible with stocks

  • Minimize any risk by sharing all costs and by investing in an assets which aren’t prone to fluctuations caused by changes to the global economy

Why Holdfolio Is The Right Choice For Non-accredited Investors

  • Our interests are aligned

    Your success is our success. We’re so confident in every deal we source for the investor portal that we also purchase a stake in it. Meaning that we only make money when you do.

  • Holdfolio’s software makes the whole process easy

    Our cutting edge investor portal looks great, is easy to use, and makes finding and comparing investment opportunities super simple. We don’t believe there’s an easier way to invest online.

  • Holdfolio’s average investor returns is 19.5%

    Yeah you read that right. That’s an extra 19.5% you could grow your investment without any hands-on involvement required.

  • Excellent Tax Advantages

    Many of Holdfolio’s real estate investments have large tax deductions which can result in an 80%+ tax shield.

  • Start Investing with as little as $20,000

    Real estate crowdfunding finally allows non-accredited investors to grow their wealth without having to deposit an exorbitant amount of money upfront.

*The performance of our investments in the past does not guarantee that they will be successful in the future. More information about our track record is available to registered users.

What Our Investors Say

The investing process was simple and straightforward and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of personal contact and support with questions I received from the team.

Christina W

I have had major investments in place with Holdfolio for over 5 years. My investments have done very well, and the thoroughness of the operation is impressive.

David S

So far I have invested in two offerings and Holdfolio is delivering consistent returns in the 8% to 10% annual range. The customer support and responsiveness to my questions have been superb.

Jared T

Reduce Your Risk

With multifamily investing, you decrease your risk and increase your returns.

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