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Real Estate Investing: 4 Simple Ways To Get Started

Real Estate Investing: How Do I Get Started?

We all know that real estate is an important and powerful part of our finances. We all live somewhere. How we structure that financially makes a big difference on the rest of our lives. Then we all need sound investments and a way to hack time and get ahead; earning more than just what we can trade our physical labor and time for. Real estate is the obvious choice here, and for most, it can be the only way to get ahead financially. So what are some of the fastest and easiest ways to get involved in real estate and to begin enjoying some of the rewards?

1. Be a Property Scout

Everyone in real estate wants more deals. Rehabbers, turnkey rental companies, builders, and funds. They’ll often pay well or cut you in as a partner if you find deals that aren’t on their radar. There can be a lot to learn when trying to get into real estate investing. This simplifies things. If you find or stumble on property deals and can serve them to someone else to do all the hard work, and get paid for doing it – you are earning and learning at the same time.

2. Become a Real Estate Assistant

This isn’t really being an investor or being a realtor, but it could give you an entry into the real estate world, and provide some on-the-job training. Real estate agents, brokers, and investors all need lots of assistants to handle various parts of their business. They need receptionists, data entry staff, designers, and just general personal assistants. These may be low-paying jobs, but they will boost your knowledge while getting a paycheck.

3. Private Lending

One of the easiest ways to participate in real estate investing without having to take time out to learn a new craft or to give up your weekends as a DIY warrior is just to loan your cash to an expert who does this full time. There are millions of deals to be done each year, so there is always a need for more capital to fuel rehabbing and acquiring more rentals. What if you just loaned your money to someone else, let them do all the hard work, and received a share of the profits? It’s fast, simple, and lets you just keep on doing what you love most.

4. Real Estate Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a new technology-powered hybrid way to invest in real estate with ease. From your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop you can put your money to work in a variety of real estate investments with a few clicks. This can be a form of private lending or real estate partnership, or just directly investing in real estate with your retirement funds. You invest with the ease of an online trading platform, but get all the benefits of directly investing in property. 

There are a number of simple ways to get started in real estate. Whether you’ve got free time but little money, or little time and extra cash to invest, there is an option for you. It’s just about what suits you and your financial goals best.


Ready to invest in real estate?

We make real estate investing simpler, more transparent, and accessible to individual investors.

TJ Lokboj

TJ Lokboj is an entrepreneur with a passion for adding value to the real estate investing industry through adopting digital transformation. Some of TJs companies have been featured in Yahoo Finance, Morningstar, Benzinga, and many other publications.

TJ is the managing partner of Holdfolio, a real estate investment firm that leverages a premier crowdfunding platform.

He is also a member of the Forbes real estate council and co-founded SyndicationPro, which is the #1 syndication management SaaS solution in the market today.

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Ready to invest in real estate?

We make real estate investing simpler, more transparent, and accessible to individual investors.