Real Estate Syndication for Investors

Strong syndication partnerships and trust allow our investors to receive the highest degree of aligned interests possible and generate wealth and income for our investors. No matter the market conditions or the real estate cycle, we aim to receive a significant return on your investment without speculation.

Working with Holdfolio you will:

  • Gain access to commercial real estate investment opportunities that was once exclusive only to a select group.

  • Receive tax deductions, which result in an 80%+ tax shield

  • We seek to provide above average returns to our investors. Our current track record is a 19.50% average investment return.

Ready to take the leap toward more financial security?

Investing in Commercial Real Estate Syndications Can Produce The Best Returns At Low Minimum Investment

Are you looking to make a secure investment to protect your family from the looming economic repercussions of the pandemic? Then forget the daily stress and the unpredictable returns you’d get by investing in the stock market and have peace of mind that due diligence, smart planning, and betting on tangible assets always wins the wealth race!

Don’t want to miss out on cash-flow while you’re sleeping?

Not only that but:

  • Even the fastest growing companies are currently experiencing many changes during the pandemic, and their public valuations are highly volatile.

  • Stock market investing is complex, whereas we made our investment process simple and accessible by building our own software to highlight user experience.

  • In the stock market, you win or lose alone. With us, your wins and losses are our own.

Start Creating Generational Wealth By Crowdfunding Real Estate

Real estate investing success is built around trusted partnerships and experience, and investors continue to choose us over competition because of our expertise and steady asset growth:

  • 20+ years ownership experience

  • Over 3,000 apartment units managed

  • More than 700 apartments and single family homes transacted

  • Transaction volume in excess of $200,000,000

  • 18 successful partnerships with over 300 active investors

With as little as $20K, you can ensure that you are not missing out on effortlessly making thousands of dollars in profit every year that can fuel a better life for you and your family.

By diversifying risk and responding to steady market demand, multifamily investing provides one of the best returns on investment due to low cost of construction, easy management, generous tax breaks and high appreciation rates.

What Our Investors Say

The investing process was simple and straightforward and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of personal contact and support with questions I received from the team.

Christina W

I have had major investments in place with Holdfolio for over 5 years. My investments have done very well, and the thoroughness of the operation is impressive.

David S

So far I have invested in two offerings and Holdfolio is delivering consistent returns in the 8% to 10% annual range. The customer support and responsiveness to my questions have been superb.

Jared T

Real Estate Syndication with Holdfolio

  • Your Success is Our Success

    Holdfolio finds crowdfunding opportunities for real estate investors. We’re so confident in the deals we provide that we buy a stake in every multifamily property to hit our investors portal.

  • Online real estate investing made simple

    Our investor portal was designed to make it as easy as possible for users to login, compare deals, and then buy a stake in whichever they choose.

  • Easy passive income

    We’re proud to say that our average investor returns currently sits at 19.5%. You can trust us to manage your investment while you sit back and watch as its value grows

  • Tax Benefits for Investors

    Many of Holdfolio’s real estate investments have large tax deductions which can result in an 80%+ tax shield.

  • All inclusive real estate syndication

    The minimum investment amount is only $20,000 and our scheme is open to all non-accredited investors looking to make big returns.

*The performance of our investments in the past does not guarantee that they will be successful in the future. More information about our track record is available to registered users.

Reduce Your Risk

With multifamily investing, you decrease your risk and increase your returns.

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