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Q&A for New Investors: Part 1

Here at Holdfolio, it is common for us to receive similar questions from new investors. This interview was conducted with one of our investors.

What kinds of questions did you have for Holdfolio during the brief introduction call? 

The call mostly was getting to gain a better understanding of how Holdfolio operates.

What is the minimum investment?

It can vary depending upon the specific investment opportunity but is typically $20,000.

Why did you choose Holdfolio?

It is a passive approach and the returns are attractive. I’m not looking to spend time managing the investment and didn’t want the liability and potential headache that comes with owning real estate myself.

What were the steps and processes to invest with Holdfolio?

It was pretty simple. I went through a 3-step process online to invest. After signing the investment agreement I was able to fund my investment. I had the option of sending a wire or mailing a check which was deposited to Holdfolio’s escrow account.

How much time do you spend managing your investment with Holdfolio?

I log on to my dashboard every so often to check the status of investments. Everything is updated quarterly. I was get email updates and distribution details so it’s really nice.

TJ Lokboj

TJ Lokboj is an entrepreneur with a passion for adding value to the real estate investing industry through adopting digital transformation. Some of TJs companies have been featured in Yahoo Finance, Morningstar, Benzinga, and many other publications.

TJ is the managing partner of Holdfolio, a real estate investment firm that leverages a premier crowdfunding platform.

He is also a member of the Forbes real estate council and co-founded SyndicationPro, which is the #1 syndication management SaaS solution in the market today.

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Units 289
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Target IRR 17.7%

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Longleaf Pines Apartments

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