Online Real Estate Investing

Access To Real Estate Deals Like Never Before

Gone are the days when only experienced investors had access to the most profitable real estate deals. Holdfolio’s online platform allows anyone to invest in lucrative multifamily projects which consistently generate excellent returns.

Don’t Delay Your Financial Independence

The reason multifamily investing remained inaccessible for so long was because extremely wealthy investors recognized its value and funded projects without them ever needing to reach the open market.

Holdfolio’s putting this right by giving you access to the same deals that have allowed many to grow their investment considerably. It’s time to let your money accumulate faster so that you can achieve your financial goals way ahead of schedule.

Starting Investing With as Little as $20,000

Holdfolio’s main belief is that highly profitable real estate investing should be accessible to everybody, that’s why anyone can join with a minimum investment of just $20,000.

By combining the investments of several regular investors, Holdfolio can finance multifamily deals which used to be out of reach for the general public. Simply login to Holdfolio’s investor portal, choose your investment, and start generating regular passive income.

Online Real Estate Investing with Holdfolio

  • The average Holdfolio investor makes a 19.5% return on their investment amount*

  • Holdfolio’s cutting edge platform makes logging on, comparing properties, depositing your money, and monitoring your investments super easy and quick

  • Our proprietary software also allows us to keep management fees low

  • Exclusive multifamily offerings sourced and approved by the Holdfolio team

*The performance of our investments in the past does not guarantee that they will be successful in the future. More information about our track record is available to registered users.

What Our Investors Say

The investing process was simple and straightforward and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of personal contact and support with questions I received from the team.

Christina W

I have had major investments in place with Holdfolio for over 5 years. My investments have done very well, and the thoroughness of the operation is impressive.

David S

So far I have invested in two offerings and Holdfolio is delivering consistent returns in the 8% to 10% annual range. The customer support and responsiveness to my questions have been superb.

Jared T

Why investing in real estate online with Holdfolio is the right choice for you

  • We’ll join you on every investment

    We’re so confident that the multifamily buildings we add to our platform will be successful that we put our money where our mouth is, and invest our own cash to help finance the deal.

  • Multifamily properties are low risk investments

    Multifamily real estate is the ultimate recession proof investment. In fact, during times of economic difficulty it's common for people to sell their homes and seek out rental properties.

  • Diversify your portfolio

    Having all of your money tied up in one investment is a risky strategy. Spreading your wealth across multiple sources is the best way to protect against unforeseen events.

  • Extra Tax Benefits

    Many of Holdfolio’s real estate investments have large tax deductions which can result in an 80%+ tax shield.

Reduce Your Risk

With multifamily investing, you decrease your risk and increase your returns.

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