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Holdfolio Download – Episode 5 Adding Value To Rental Properties


On this episode of the Holdfolio Download, Holdfolio Co-Founder and CMO, Sterling White talks about the importance of “value adds” for rental properties. What are some of the easy and simple value adds you can make to your property, and what are some of the things you should avoid? Listen in to find out Sterling’s take on the best value adds you can make to your rental properties.

Below are some pictures and examples of value adds that we have made to some of our properties.

All new, clean laminate flooring took the place of old, high maintenance carpet in this living room.

The cabinets in this kitchen were replaced with new, sleek ones.

A simple two-tone paint scheme was given to this home. It gives a simple but impressive first impression to potential tenants.

A common recreation area was added to one of our multi family properties “Garfield Place”. The grill and benches are inexpensive but provide a great amenity for tenants.

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  • Thanks for the interesting value adds for my rental properties.