Holdfolio Download Episode 1 – Garfield Place


Holdfolio Download Episode 1 – Garfield Place

We are proud to announce our new podcast, the Holdfolio Download. Join us as we take an inside look at real estate investing at Holdfolio. Each episode Sterling White will shares stories, insights, and knowledge from Holdfolio.

Holdfolio Download will be available on many podcasting platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and more.

To download Episode 1 of the Holdfolio Download click here.

On Episode 1 Sterling talks about the mission behind Holdfolio and how Holdfolio came to purchase a multi family unit in Indianapolis, Indiana. He talks about the process and some of the challenges that came with adding this piece of real estate to our portfolio.

Holdfolio purchased Garfield Place in February 2017. Here are some pictures of the property at time of purchase:

And here are pictures of the property just seven months later, after we gave it some much needed TLC.



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