Holdfolio is a private online investment platform founded on the principle of creating partnerships to invest in real estate. Much like any crowdfunding platform/portal, Holdfolio allows a group of individuals to join together to invest in a common project. With Holdfolio, investors are able to:

  • Learn about real estate and browse investment opportunities online.
  • Securely invest in residential real estate, through an online process.
  • Manage their investments online through a secure dashboard.
  • Partner with full time real estate investors.

Holdfolio works with both accredited and qualified non-accredited investors.

The minimum investment can change from one offering to the next, but it is typically $15,000 to $25,000.

Investing with an IRA is a popular way to invest with Holdfolio. We make investing with your IRA a seamless process and we have worked with dozens of IRA custodians including Equity Trust Company, Kingdom Trust IRA, The IRA Club, & Sunwest Trust.

Holdfolio makes money from the real estate we own with our investors. This includes rental income & profits from the sale of properties.

Holdfolio purchases multifamily apartments, typically with at least 80 units or more onsite. The type of property will be described in great detail for each investment opportunity that becomes available.

Offering is the term used to define the process in which a private or public company offers securities for sale. Holdfolio's offerings will be found on the Invest page, this is where you can view opportunities to invest with Holdfolio.

A security is what you own when you invest in the stock market. It is the share of ownership in a company.

While there is no public market to sell your ownership, it is still possible. Holdfolio must approve each sale and Holdfolio also holds a first right of refusal to purchase any ownership that is for sale. If Holdfolio chooses not to purchase your ownership, then we can assist in matching a prospective buyer within the private network to help facilitate the sale. These transactions are subject to certain guidelines under the Securities Act of 1933. Please refer to the offering documents and your legal counsel if you chose to sell your securities with Holdfolio, legal and accounting costs may be associated with a sale.

Our investors receive a Form K-1. You simply forward this document to your accountant or tax professional, and it's as simple as that. The Form K-1 will report your taxable income from the investment.

As our partner, you will receive regular communication from us. You can review financial statements & performance updates at least once per quarter, all online through your investor dashboard.

Debt financing is an integral part of our apartment holdings. Our company will procure and sign on the loans directly and be responsible for its repayment. We are very risk adverse when it comes to debt and always focus on having stronger cash flow over higher leverage.  The debt structure, if any, will be described in each specific investment opportunity.

Holdfolio disburses earnings to our partners quarterly or in accordance to each offering.

Each offering will have an "Investment Agreement.” This document will be signed online during our easy 3 step investment process.

All of the details for each property is made available to view online. Holdfolio extends a warm welcome to anyone interested in visiting us in Indianapolis to view our operation.

Holdfolio defines a targeted hold period for each investment. This indicates the amount of time you should anticipate it will take to receive your principal investment back. The hold period is not guaranteed due to a number of different factors including an ever changing economy and unpredictable fashion in which opportunities may present themselves. It is Holdfolio's job to make decisions to optimize each investment. A popular way for investors to receive their principal investment back is through the sale of the properties or a refinance loan.

Much like all investments, investing in real estate involves certain known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors and there is no guarantee of performance. It is Holdfolio's requirement that each investor acknowledges and understands these risks and factors.

Learn more about the RISKS OF INVESTING

While each investment opportunity may be different, Holdfolio typically aims to deliver our partners double digit returns. That is, returns in excess of 10% per year. Each investment opportunity will include financial projections, prepared by Holdfolio, which are based upon our expertise and educated assumptions. While we like to provide conservative projections, it is required that each investor understands that past performance does not indicate or guarantee future results.